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Shift1 Solutions

Business & Life Consulting Solutions

Shift1 Solutions was founded by Michael Zschunke to help business owners refocus and create balance between successfully running their business while enjoying the quality of life that they envision.

Mike attended Arizona State University then proceeded to build a successful career on the Chicago Board of Trade prior to relocating to New York with Bank of America in their Derivatives Trading Operations. Realizing the value of quality family time, Mike and his wife, Dr. Bonnie Zschunke returned to Connecticut in 1999 to open Brookfield Family Chiropractic, LLC. Together, Mike and Bonnie have enjoyed building a very successful practice while raising their children and balancing their business with an active family life. In addition to Brookfield Family Chiropractic, LLC, Michael and Bonnie opened EMSA Hyperbaric and Wellness Center in 2008 to provide a full array of alternative healthcare services to their community. Mike says that "The most satisfying aspect of his career has been building successful businesses based on policies and procedures that translate across multiple business opportunities with business owners." It is these policies and procedures that allow a business owner to operate a successful business while balancing business and their personal life. In his spare time, Mike enjoys spending quality time with his family, exercising, and racing motocross with his daughters.

Relying upon the experience he gained in the financial services industry and the experience of owning and operating several successful businesses, Mike has founded Shift1Solutions to service the needs of business owners looking to refocus their business operations and help them revalue their policies and procedures so they may enjoy the life they have worked hard to achieve.

Ever the optimist, Mike believes that hard work yields positive results; and it is with this spirit and dedication that he looks forward to working with business owners to improve their quality of life and live the life they dream of.