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Shift1 Solutions

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Behind the Name Shift1...

Posted on May 8, 2018 at 4:20 PM

People often ask me where the name Shift1 comes from and why Shift1. Well... it's more of a concept than a name. Anyone who has traveled at a high rate of speed or pushed themselves to the limit knows that there is a point where everything seems to slow down and come into focus. It's usually right about when your mind tells you that you can't go any faster or push any harder. Suddenly you are comfortable again. This can be a dangerous place to stay both physically and emotionally because it's human nature for our mind to wander and lose focus when everything is going smoothly. It is at this point we need to make "Shift". We can shift to a higher gear and continue pushing harder and faster or we can tap the brakes and shift to a lower gear. Either option is less dangerous than remaining idle due to the fact that we have to focus again.

Getting back to Shift1... It began as business/life concept that we need to make changes. Your business will grow stale and dissolve if you aren't consistently keeping up with the new trends and technologies. The world is constantly changing so it is up to us to keep up. This same concept goes with life. We've all heard of the dreaded "Mid-Life Crises." It believe that this common occurrence happens when we get too comfortable and remain static. We need to constantly adapt or "Shift" in order to regain our focus and keep our mind fresh.

Whether its @Shift1Solutionsllc, @Shift1Designs, @Shift1Properties or @Shift1PropertySolutions, the concept remains the same and we are continually growing and reaching new goals.

So where does the "1" come from? We have to all start somewhere so why not at the beginning ;) Thanks for reading. - Mike Zschunke, Shift1Enterprises