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The Step Before the First Step

Posted on January 28, 2014 at 10:45 AM

Taking the first step to accomplish your goals is definitely the most difficult.  We begin with a thought or an idea of where we want to go or where we want to be. This can be true in business or in life.  It is human nature to have an image of an end result of our actions but we need to have a plan of action on how to achieve those results. You may know where you want to be but without a defined road map or plan of action you are likely to lose focus and stray from achieving those goals.  Your plan needs to specific and there needs to be some form of measurable accountability so that you can review your progress along the way.  The vision you originally set out to acheive will grow and change along your journey.  This is okay and encouraged because as you grow as a person or business your values and beliefs will also change. We like to refer to these changes as "Shift". Your primary goals still exist but you will need to make a "shift"  in the pathway and the steps you follow to achieve those goals. This "Shift" is part of the "Solution".  You will encounter many obstacles along the way and these obstacles are there to test your plan and procedures and strengthen the final product.  The vision you begin with is rarely what evolves but the foundation you build upon will remain constant if you stay focused and keep moving foward toward your final destination. The process is ever changing and the experience and knowledge you acquire along your journey will help you build that stronger foundation.  As your foundation builds you should begin to see the progression toward your goals even if those goals are slightly altered from your orginal vision.  You have a vision and you have a plan. You are now ready to take action and without even realizing, you have already taken your first step toward your goal just by creating that plan.        


Categories: Business Solutions Policies & Procedures, Goals, Plan of Action