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Take Action and Make The Shift

Posted on February 19, 2014 at 10:40 AM

You have the idea. You know the goal you want to achieve. You have even created a plan on how you are going to achieve that goal. What's next? Now is the time to take ACTION!!!! You can plan all you want and have the greatest ideas in the world but if you don't follow through they will go nowhere. It is up to you and only you to make them happen. They are your ideas and your goals.


Taking the first action step is often the most difficult. This is the time when you are most vulnerable. You can have all the faith in your vision and planning but it is with the first action step that you open yourself up to either success or failure. And that is ok. It's part of the process. How do you know if your idea and vision will be successful unless you put your plan into action. Too many ideas are lost out of fear of failure. Failure is nothing to be afraid of. It is a necessary step in the path to success. Michael Jordan says that the only reason he was successful was because of his failures. He did not let them stop him from achieving his goals. In fact he is often quoted as using his failures for motivation and pushing him further to achieve his goals. "Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will."


You have the tools necessary to move forward but you and only you can make it happen. Yes this can be extremely scary but you will never know unless you try. In your plan you should have that first action step highlighted. This is what is going to put your dreams and vision in motion. You've put in the work, you have prepared yourself, you have the tools, you know where you want to go but you have to take that first step in your journey to get there. This is where the Shift begins. You go from "I want to do this..." to "I am doing this." Of course your journey will have its ups and downs but it is these changes in direction that will allow you to build a stronger foundation to work upon.


Review your plan once more and follow though with that first step. Take Action!!! You will be surprised at how easy it was and you will look back and realize that there was nothing to fear. The momentum will build and each step will become easier and easier. As we said before you will hit some roadblocks along the way but your momentum and the knowledge you have gained along the way will carry you though. Its up to you to put the ball in motion and make that shift.


Categories: Business Solutions Policies & Procedures, Goals, Plan of Action