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Expanding Your Comfort Zone

Posted on February 27, 2014 at 12:05 PM

Everyday we hear about people wanting to make a change or wanting more out of life. Only that person can make that happen. From the moment we are born we are taught to follow the rules and taught how to “fit in”. As we grow up, we go to school, then graduate and get a job, maybe have a family and grow old reflecting on our accomplishments along the way. This is great and a definite necessity for a community to work together and progress but as an individual we need to step out of that comfort zone once in awhile and try new things. This can be as simple as putting the other shoe on first, eating something different or taking a different route to work. We require change to keep us motivated. Its what moves us and keeps us sharp. Everyday we learn something new and that experience expands our comfort zone and allows us to grow as a person.


It is human nature to dream and to want more out of life. We cannot help but compare ourselves to others but to be truly happy we need to look within ourselves and be happy with the person we see in the mirror. Whether or not we write down our goals there are things that we wish to accomplish. These accomplishments give us a sense of being and a sense of purpose. Without a purpose there is no fulfillment and time just passes by. We need to build on each accomplishment and expand our comfort zone. Is there something that used to scare you but no longer does? The unknown is scary. Until we experience an event or action for ourselves we will never know what it is truly like to feel that accomplishment. Once you experience that fear and the accomplishment of overcoming it, that event becomes part of your comfort zone. You may not be comfortable with it immediately and it may take doing that thing more than once or even many times but eventually it becomes part of you and you have grown as a person and can move on to the next challenge.


No one else can overcome this fear or expand our comfort zone for us. It is something that we have to do ourselves. Until we get up and do that thing which is out of our comfort zone. Yes it is easy to stay within what we know but to grow and move forward we need to push the envelope. Life is not about being in the end zone or at the top of the mountain, it is about the path that we took to get there. It is about the experiences we had along the way. The more we can push ourselves to expand our comfort zone the more we will experience. More experiences leads to more satisfaction, more sense of purpose and more feeling of accomplishment.


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