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Expand Your Comfort Zone II

Posted on April 15, 2014 at 1:05 PM

"We shall have no better conditions in the future if we are satisfied with all those which we have at present." Thomas Edison

We have spoken previously on the importance of stepping out of our comfort zone in order to expand our lives and grow as a person. It is completely natural for most of us to want to stay within our familiar surroundings and have that comfort of knowing what to expect on a day to day basis. Unfortunately, our lives will never change and we will never grow or move forward if we continue to repeat the same activities. It is only when we push the limits of that which we are familiar and comfortable with that we can learn and create new experiences.

Usually I like to keep these writings in a passive perspective but I want to share a personal experience that is relative to the topic at hand. A few years ago I began racing motocross with my daughters after they posed an interest in the sport. The experience has been fantastic as we get to spend quality time together as a family. I do have to say however that at times I am way out of my comfort zone on the track and this past weekend was quite the experience. We joined some friends we had met through racing at a National level track with a race series that I was unfamiliar with. I am usually comfortable on the local tracks racing with people I have come to know through racing but this was just a bit different. The track was more challenging and the pace of the competition was a bit faster and aggressive than what I am accustomed to. To say my heart rate was accelerated before the start would be an understatement. Right there on the starting gate I began to think of some of the my previous writings about expanding your comfort zone and stepping beyond what is familiar and just the realization of those thoughts turned my hesitation into a calming excitement. With each race I became more comfortable and by the end of the day this was just another track with another group of racers who were as anxious as I was when the day began. Driving home at the end of the weekend I realized that this was a perfect example of the writings I have been working on about expanding that with which you are comfortable with in order to grow as a person.

What was once an unfamiliar or uncomfortable situation now becomes part of the norm. From there you can move forward to new experiences and your level of comfort will expand. With each and every experience you grow as a person and the tools you have at your disposal also grow. With these tools and new level of comfort you can continue to move forward and have new experiences that you would have previously never thought possible.


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