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Shift1 Solutions

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Shift1 Solutions Corporate Policies & Procedures Program

     Corporations often lose track of departmental policies and procedures within their business model. For large multinational corporations it is the responsibility of the Department Managers to make sure that their team of employees work together efficiently toward the ultimate goals of the corporation as a whole. In order for the departments to succeed in these goals there must be written policies and procedures in place. Too often we find that these policies and procedures are outdated and are no longer applicable to the tasks necessary to achieve the goals of the department let alone the corporation as a whole.     

     In today's technologically advanced environment managers and department heads must be aware of advancements in technology. However as these changes are implemented the policies and procedures must change with them. These advancements allow employees to accomplish more and communicate better in a more efficient manner. Along with these changes in technology comes the need to review and rewrite the company's policies and procedures. As changes are implemented, the written policies and procedures must also be updated accordingly. This allows employees to cross train and work as a team to accomplish the goals of the corporation as a whole. Policies and procedures can also decrease costly employee turnover as it allows each employee to know exactly what responsibilities they have and also allows for accountability for certain tasks.    

     Shift 1 Solutions brings an objective perspective to your company and the individual departments that work together to accomplish the goals of the corporation as a whole. We analyze your processes and establish written policies and procedures for your employees to work more congruently and efficiently. There may be policies and procedures in place already and we can review and analyze those objectively to verify their consistencies to each application. Based on our objective findings Shift1 Solutions will make recommendations on how to improve processes depending on what your ultimate goal is. You may be looking for ways to cuts costs or for solutions to increase sales and cash flow. Whatever your goal is we can help point you in the right direction efficiently and objectively.